The Truth About The Pill

February 20, 2017

The pill has become a lot more common in recent years among young teenagers. As we are living in a world that is becoming more and more sexualised this results in young girls feeling more pressure. Being a teenage girl living in Dublin I see it more and more girls feeling great pressures to look and act like teenagers portrayed in Hollywood. Take this for example Kylie Jenner is nineteen years old and so as I, I find that hard to believe and I don't agree with comparing yourself with others but that comparison I find just frightens me.

Now due to all this the rise of contraception has just gone though the roof in recent years, as young girls become more educated on their bodies the pill has become a common use. I started the pill around two years ago quite young due to medical issues but in saying that I was glad I was. Let me just put this out there I'm a nervous, awkward person around sex in general, I go red and just talk bullshit to avoid it. So you can imagine how awkward I was getting the pill with my mother and a male doctor, I can assure you there were some awkward giggles. 

So I was too awkward to ask questions to my doctor or my pharmacist so I decided to take my questions to the internet...bad idea guys. I still have unanswered questions on how it exactly works and how long a women should be on it. But a lot of my questions have been answered along the way. As I was coming into my self and my body I was relieved to be on the pill more for safety...I struggle to remember to feed myself never mind another human being so that was the first thing I thought Of when the pill was mentioned in saying that the pill is not 100% safe so think of that and take care of yourself and try use other methods to protect both involved.

When you think of the pill you think of sex and yeah it is mainly used for safe sex but not in all cases. I starred my pill journey after having a series of problems related to period pain, pain that was so unbearable I ended up in A&E most nights and since I began my pain has reduced and I'm living a semi normal period life (the struggles of a girls life) I know a lot of girls who started the pill for this reason it helps in a lot more ways then you think? So if your having heavy periods, bad pain or even bad mood swings or if you just want to be safe then talking to your doctor is what you gotta do.

There are two different types so you got a pill that you take every single day with no breaks it's best to take the pill at the same time every single day it's more effective. I set a alarm on my phone for 10pm each night to remind myself, I picked to take mine at night just because I'm always awake at 10pm and it's the best time for me. I take the other type of pill that you take 21 pills for 21 days and then you take a seven day break for your period to come, I find this works very well for me because I can plan out when I'm going to have my period which is handy for planning holidays. 

Now on to the truth, you will gain weight it will change your body some more then others. I know girls who had to stop taking it due to a lot of weight gain. During your period you will eat three times amount of food I don't no why but you will and you won't feel guilty about it at all. I find it prefect for me and I haven't had any trouble so far with any pill I've taken as there are many different brands out there for different body's.

I hope you got something from this post, I'm thinking if starting a new series on my blog focusing on questions that as a teenager I wanted to know, comment below if you would like to see more. 

If you relate to any of this then have a word with your doctor, it's your body and it's up to you to keep it safe. It may be embarrassing but it's worth it in the long run we all had to do it so your not alone.


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