Zoeva Rose Golden Palette Reveiw

February 13, 2017

A while back I decided I wanted to get into the world of eyeshadow and try some super cool instagram looks, I soon learnt that I do have the skills of those instagram super hero makeup artists who make it look so easy when its really not. In saying that I have been getting better at creating some different looks and I have really wanted to stock up on some new palettes. I got the new rose golden palette from Zoeva for Christmas off my sister and to be honest I was so happy just because I loved the Coco Blends palette they do too - CHECK OUT FULL REVIEW HERE - 

So over the last few weeks I have been playing around with this palette and I have found it great for shimmer shades but not so great for matts just because there is a total of three in the whole palette and the rest are all shimmers. I have been messing around with both palettes and have come to the conclusion that I love a good matt shade as they just blend better on my lids, in saying that the shades int this palette are just beautiful and so pigmented that I have to tad my brush off every time just because I tend to over apply product and it end up all over my face...as there is a tad bit of fall out but nothing that cant be fixed with a swipe of a brush. 
Overall I love this palette I will say that I do love the Cocoa Blends palette way more just because the matt shades are my prefect colours to wear on my daily routine. 
This is palette is €21.70 and for ten shades that works out at under €3 for each shade, if your new to eyeshadows these palettes are prefect for getting a hang of what your doing.

Comment below if you have tired any of the Zoeva palettes, I would love to know what you guys think.


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