13 Reasons I Didn't Like It

April 25, 2017

So if you haven't been living under a rock then you would know that Netflix released another original series called "13 Reasons Why", the show has gained a lot of popularity over the last few weeks as the Co-Producer was none other then Selena Gomez and since its release has been gaining crazy cover over social media so much so that I watched it just to get a insight and here are my thoughts. From the title you could guess that I didn't like the series but I followed on watching till the end so I could have a final view on the whole thing and well my opinion never changed.


Firstly before I can comment on the issues surrounding the show I thought I would talk about how slow the show actually was, I mean it took a while for the show to develop any real plot and even when it did I really feel the show just never really picked up. It went at the same speed for the whole thing and well I found myself board trying to pass time before the next big event to take place.


Now to be honest I think this one is a little funny, if you have seen posters of the show then you will notice that Clay the main character has big cut on his forehead. Now the producers of the show did this so you could tell between present day Clay and past Clay when they show flashbacks. But something that always bothered me was the fact Clay had a serious head injury and all he did to fix it was throw a plaster on it. Like it looked pretty nasty and at some points infected yet no one ever commented on the fact that it looked like someone had taken to Clays head?
Odd to say the least...I feel they could of made the difference between the two Clays a little less dramatic.


If you have seen the whole show then you might notice something about each character, they all play a sterotype. I find it incredibly annoying when shows turn to sterotypes and yet this whole show is based off sterotypes I'll give three examples to this.

1 - Clay plays your typical "nice guy"
And what are we always told about nice guys? yes your right, they finish last.
Clay is your nice guy who plays by the rules and stands by what he believes but yet Clay still ends up on the tapes faced with a doom and guilt, and even though Clay proves to do nothing wrong he still ends up with nothing, no Hannah, no friends and a whole lot of guilt.

2. Justin Foley plays your typical "bad boy"
Justin is the older bad boy, who's got the looks and is on the Basketball team. Every girl in the school wants him and he gets what he wants most of the time. Justin has a strange relationship with women as his mother neglected him for year which leads him to look up to another family. Justin is nasty and will do anything to gain popularity as he feels no love at home he seeks it in his peers.

3.Jessica Davis plays your typical "popular girl"
Jessica is new on the block, she's pretty and can have any boy she wants. She ditches her friends for a boy and turns nasty in order to keep him. She becomes so focused on herself she doesn't see whats happening around her.


I have heard this from a lot of people on Twitter that they feel the show is way to graphic in some areas and I completely agree. I understand they wanted to make a impact on the audience (SPOLIER AHEAD)  but seriously the end scene of Hannah killing herself is just too hard to watch and I felt there was no real need to show that as I feel it may affect a lot of people, I know for me I felt it was very graphic for the age group that may be watching.


I don't think anyone who watched this show actually thought it was in any way realistic, like come on Clay walks around with an infected head for the most part  of the show. I also think a lot of know that the show was completely over dramatized when I don't think it should of been as it surrounded such a serious issue.


So there has been a lot of talk about the character Hannah in general, she was made to be very unlikable in my opinion and I feel that we never actually got to see her in the pain she actually was and we know that each event effected her it just seems like it was brushed over every episode which I didn't like. I think Hannah was a great character  and I have read a few pieces saying that Hannah asked for everything she got but she didn't she made some mistakes but so does everyone. I think the show made it out to make Hannah the guilty one in the end.


Anyone who is sensitive to the issue of suicide would be very effect by the show as a lot of the characters talk about Hannah's suicide, as a lot of them blame her for destroying their lives and being selfish. I think its so wrong how though out the show it is said that she was looking for attention and she is not at all remembered in a good way.


Though out the show it is said that Hannah is lying about everything but she isn't and it is so upsetting the fact that a girl has to take her life and confess all her secrets and yet is still called a liar. I understand the truth is sometimes to hard to take but to deny it and call someone a liar who is telling the truth for me was just too far.




Especially when it hasn't even been confirmed for a second season.


One thing I didn't understand about the show was how could the people on the tape accept what each other had done. It went from publishing a poem to rape and yet everyone had accepted it and decided to protect each other.


In this show there is no adults no one who honestly did the right thing and that's upsetting, Every adult in this show had the choice to do the right thing and yet they failed every time that's maybe why the teens didn't do the right thing, they weren't given the right example.


I do believe that Hannah was very selfish by not leaving a not for her parents, she didn't explain to them why she left them but yet she left tapes for all those who wronged her. Her parents did a lot for Hannah as we learn and it was to me selfish that she didn't even say goodbye or reach out to them. They had to learn of her pain though Tony who finally did the right thing in the end.


I did not like the ending we didn't see anyone get punished for their crimes, which was very disappointing to me as I felt a few needed to get what was coming to them.

Overall I just didn't like the show

and they were my 13 reasons why.

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