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April 23, 2017

A while back Benefit relaunched their whole brow collection and made it into a huge campaign, I have been a huge lover of Benefit over the years and have fallen in love with many of their products but I had never tried any of their brow products until around a month ago I was asked by Benefit did I want to try a few of their brow products out and well I completely jumped at the opportunity and ever since I have been giving them a complete run though and its fair to say the hype is real.

I was lucky enough to try three of their products and I have put each of them to the test and I'm ready to give my verdict.


The first thing in saw when I opened the tin was this little wonder, now at the start I was a bit sceptical that this could really grow my eyebrows and make them look less bare. But I decided I would give it a go and see if I get any results. First you give one twist to the bottom to each brow, you rub the clear gel though each brow and leave over night. Now your probably thinking this is a waste of time but I have been applying this though my brows every night before I go to bed and believe if it or not but I have actually seen a difference within my brows they have been looking thicker and easier to fill in. Now I'm not calling this a wonder product thats going to change your life but I did see a change and I have carried on using the product every night. 
Overall I think it works and man the packaging is pretty bad ass in my opinion, its small and easy to carry around. For the price tag of €30.50 I don't think I will be rushing to buy it again as I don't feel its stable in my routine but I have really enjoyed using it the last few weeks and I will carry on so.


The next product I have been trying out is the high brow highlighter, now before this product I actually never highlighted my brow bone I always found it a waste of time or pointless. I decided to give it a go and see what I thought and well I will admit it has kinda changed my brow game for the better. I have been applying it under the arch of my brow and blending it in with my beauty blender and wow it just makes my brows pop and I have been carrying it around in my makeup bag ever since. I wanted to see if I could justify spending €24 on this little highligher so I tired it on my cheeks too, to see if it acted as a subtle highligher and well it worked so that only means when mine runs out I'll be down to my local Benefit and picking up another one.


Now one of the main products released with the brow collection was the brow pencil which looks like its a copy of the Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow wiz that has taken the web by storm in recent years and well after trying this I don't find the need to try the brow wiz because this brow pencil is just out of this world! I takes me a matter of minutes in the morning to do my brows and well the colour range is amazing something for every hair colour. Now it is €26 which is a little pricey for a brow product but honestly I don't think I can live without it in my life so much so I picked up a back up a week ago just incase I run out in the next few weeks and I cant get one in time.

I have really enjoyed trying out these products the last few weeks and I am really excited to see what Benefit come out with next.

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