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April 19, 2017

  Long time no post right?

Well I know I haven't been very active on social media lately, I've been trying to distance myself over the last few weeks so I could gather my personal life back together.
Your might no a few weeks ago I was in Paris living it up in Disneyland and thats basically plastered all over my Instagram....my favourite picture is me being eatten by Rex from Toy Story.
Anyway when I came back from Paris I was ready to write up a whole load of blog posts I was gonna take my blog in a different direction but I fell ill with Meningitis and was in Hospital for two weeks and after that I took a few weeks to fully recover, and every since then I've then I've been trying to catch up on work and college as I missed so much.

But I'm Back

As my first college year comes to a close in the next few weeks I have decided to take this Summer and focus on my blog and gaining experience in the world of media so I can go into year two of college with a better view of what I wanna get out of my course.

I'm also going to be changing my content, I wanna move into more real life topics along with fashion and beauty. I wanna share my voice on topics I feel are important and maybe share some advice on stuff I have figured out on my own, so overall this Summer could be very interesting.

I would if you could comment below and tell me what kind of content you would like to see me create, what are your favourite posts? what do you wanna see more of?

For the time being expect at least two posts a week from me and in the next coming weeks I will also be making videos and uploading them on my YouTube channel.

Till Next Time

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