I'm Looking For a Fresh Start

September 17, 2017

So you might of notice over the next few weeks my blog will be looking a little different thats because I thought it was time to switch things up. Over the last few months life has been crazy from college, to being sick with meningitis and then exams, I feel like I haven't had a single second to myself. I feel like the last eight months have just flown by and I honestly have no idea where they have gone and because I have been so busy I just feel I have lost touch with myself and what I want. 
I have missed writing so much here, I've tired over the last few months to get back into writing but just couldn't find the motivation but recently I have found that I have been missing my little escape to the online world a lot more, so I have decided to take back blogging but with a different approach.

After being sick for a month it was super hard to get back into normal, sure normal life for a while was lying in bed all day watching Tv, so when I finally went back to college it was a serious shock to my system and pile on work and trying to have a social life not gonna lie I was a tad bit of a mess. Since Summer is flying by and my second year of college has hit I have thought long and hard and have decided that I need sometime for myself, to actually find myself and what I want in life. I know what I want its just how I get there is my problem so I have been throwing myself  into new things that once would of scared me but now it excites me. I even started cycling to work now if you had asked me a year ago to go for a cycle I would of laughed in your face and walked away now I jump out of bed in the morning to get ready to cycle to work. I'm that kinda person who needs to always be doing something so a hectic lifestyle is something I want (I know I am a Weirdo) but I have been taking on a load of extra work in every aspect of my life because after months of thinking I've come to the conclusion that by diving into new things I'll find out what really makes me happy.

Because so much has happened to me over the last few months I have decided to make updated posts on things that have happened in my life, I will be straying away a little from the complete beauty and fashion direction in which my blog used to go in to a more of a lifestyle blog. I would look out for more recipes, food, gym, fitness and lot more from me over the next few months.

If there is anything that you guys want to see comment below I would love to know what you guys want to see because it will give me a better idea of blog posts you like to read.

Also I have just started Vlogging on my YouTube Channel I would love if you could have a look and tell me what you think.

Till Next Time

O x

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