My New Rules For 2018

January 8, 2018

So it's been a week into 2018 and shockingly my life isn't much different...I know shocker. Ive been very quite on social media the last few months but that doesn't mean I haven't been scrolling though my feed every morning and over the last two weeks I've been reading a lot of tweets reflecting on how 2018 is gonna be their life changes. That had me my life going to change in one year? and the answer is YES if I do something to change it. Sitting in my bed every night studying and eating popcorn is not going to change my life or make it the life I wanna live. This year has thought me a lot about myself and if I had to meet last years Olivia I think I would be very shocked in the difference in myself in the good and the bad but now a year older and wiser I know exactly what I want its just getting there is going to be hard bit. Im not one for setting new years resolutions but I thought this year I'd set a few goals for myself to reach towards.


I've come to a point in my life where living with my parents really isnt for me anymore. I like to be indpentant and I feel living at home really doesn't allow me to be as indepentant as Id like to be. I'm not planning on moving out in 2018 but to work towards moving out in 2019 by putting money away each pay day to have around two months rent ready for when I deicde to leave and also build up some household items I'm gonna need. I decided a few months ago that I'm not going to be that person who has no I've started putting a little bit of money away each week in a saving account I cant touch to put towards a morage one day. I've written down exacly how much I want to have saved by the end of year. I know thats all so muhc to be thinking about at my age but why not? I think its important to live your life but always plan your future to ensure you get what you want.


As I said I want more indpeence and one way of gaining it is being able to drive and buying my first car. I've applied to do my theory test and I have my lessons lined up ready to go. I'm hopeing by Septrumber I'll have my own car and never have to cycle to work again.


This year travelling was very limited due to the fact I got sick and really set me back in my tracks. This year I wanna travel, I wanna see the world, I'm young why not? I wont be able to in a few years so why not take adavnatage of my youth now. I deicded that I want to visit five places I've never been before to kick start everything. So far I'm planning on visiting Braconla in Feburbay, Candra in June and Bali in August. These are three countires I've wanted to tick off my list and this year I'm doing what I want not what anyone else wants!


This might seem really simple and maybe it is but I wanna do things to make me happy, if I wanna go clubbing on a tuesday night I'm going to do it, if I wanna stay in bed on a saturday night and watch Star Wars then I'm going to do it!
I wanna put myself first because after all I should come first in my own life.
This year I have so much planned and I'm planning to see everyday to the full.
Of course I have goals like become better at blogging and actaully keep going with youtube and look deadly in a bikni but as I've grown up a lot this year I'm starting to see that these things aren't as important to me as they used to be.


Okay would a list be without number five and this year I'm making number five probably the hardest thing for me. I have been really up and down with my fitness in the last year and I've tired different diets and have never worked. I wanna be in a place where I feel healthy and fit and just put myself first. This year I have decided to go on a paleo diet, I know for a fact its not going to be easy at all but I really want to balance my diet out and just be a clean eater. I'm going to do a full post on how I'm changing my diet to become a paleo but its my fifth goal to be the healthiest and fittest by this time next year.

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